5 Ways To Deal With a DUI

5 Ways to Deal with a DUI

Like it or not, drunk driving comes with very serious consequences. A DUI conviction can mean probation, court costs and fines and/or possible time in prison. But a DUI doesn’t always have to result in prison time. Should you hire a DUI lawyer in resolving your first DUI? The answer is a resounding, YES. Working with a DUI lawyer can certainly help in resolving your DUI case, At The Law Office of B.D. Williams, Esq, we are experienced in helping our customers in successfully resolving their DUI charges. Give our office a call at (317) 458-9911 if you are ready for a top-notch Indiana DUI attorney in successfully adjudicating your case.

Resolving Your DUI Case

If you are wondering what happens when you get a DUI. There are number of ways to resolve a DUI arrest. When an arrest goes to trial. the case has to come to some sort of closure. Here is how a large number are resolved.

Alcohol Education

Attend Drunk-Driving Education

In some instances, individuals who’ve been charged with a DUI/OWI have the ability to complete some form of an inpatient or outpatient education program which provides the following:

  • Reduced or no jail time
  • Prevents more serious charges
  • Reduces fines and other penalties

By successfully completing an inpatient or outpatient drug and alcohol education program as part of a pre-trial diversion, is often used as a positive solution to a potentially bad situation.

Take A Plea Bargain

There are times when there is a potential issue with the state’s evidence. A good DUI lawyer will often use this as a bargaining chip to negotiate a reduced punishment if not completely dropping any charges.

Accept And Complete Adult Probation

Generally speaking, if you have no other DUI charges besides your current offense,  you will be eligible for some form of probation instead of jail or prison time. As part of a plea agreement, state prosecutors will offer you probation. Probation can last from 6 months up unto the total amount of a sentence.

Alcohol Rehabilitation

Complete An Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

If you have repeat offenses, you don’t have as many options for your DUI defense. An individual that has committed prior DUI’s, in general, considerable jail or prison time. Often, a way to mitigate a potentially long jail sentence is to agree to attend an inpatient alcohol and drug rehabilitation program, AA or NA meetings instead of a jail sentence.

DUI Expungement - folder reading "expunged"

Have Your DUI Charges Expunged

Indiana has one of the most liberal criminal expungement laws in the country. After you’ve completed your DUI sentence, you might be eligible to have your DUI charges expunged under the Indiana Second Chance Law.

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