How a License Can a License Become Suspended in Indiana

Suspended License

There are  many reasons why your license could become suspended in Indiana. Many of these cases are due to different violations that might be either easy or difficult to resolve. The cases are dependent on the criminal activity that has been committed. Call Indianapolis criminal defense attorney, B.D. Williams, Esq at (317) 458-9911.

A license suspension becomes effective 18 days after the notice in the state of Indiana. This is after the suspension notice is sent to you in the mail unless the court indicates otherwise.

Why A License Can Be Suspended

There are so many reasons why your license can be suspended in the state of Indiana. Driving with a suspended license is an offense in the state of Indiana. The following are some of the reasons why your license might be suspended:

  • The state of Indiana has a point system that determines a driver’s record. If you accumulate 18 points, you will go before a hearing committee and probation, which might lead to the suspension of your license
  • If you are found driving a car under the influence of a narcotic or drugs, your license will be suspended. The suspension will be longer if you are found to be a repeat offender. You will be subjected to a blood test. If you fail, your license can be suspended for up to six months
  • Driving without insurance is also grounds for license suspension in the state of Indiana. All cars must be properly insured, and you must provide proof that you have insured your vehicle
  • Other diving violations might earn you a suspended license. Your driver’s license might also be suspended for up to 90 days. These can be reckless driving, abandoning your vehicle on a public highway, and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. These and many more can be a cause of suspension of your license
  • If you flee from the scene of an accident, you will also have your license suspended

Has Your License Been Suspended?

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Non-Driving Reasons For The Suspension Of A Driver’s License

The state of Indiana might also suspend your license due to some non-driving violations. Some of these reasons are:

  • If you are expelled from school
  • If you have not responded to a motor vehicle notice
  • Failing to appear before the court or paying traffic tickets
  • Failure to pay child support
  • If you owe money to the DMV or if you have issued bounced checks
  • If you are found guilty of several traffic offenses within ten years. You will be deemed a habitual traffic offender.
  • Committing any other crime using your vehicle is also grounds for suspension of your license. This can be done even if you are not the one who was driving the car.

It is vital that you check your license’s status any time you decide to take your car out. A simple offense can lead you to get your license suspended for a long time. Ensure that you keep all the traffic rules in your state so that you do not get your license suspended. Reinstating your license can be a process that is involved and drawn out.

If Your License is Suspended Due to a DUI

One of the areas that a DUI lawyer can help you is in fighting a potential DUI as well as getting your license reinstated after a DUI. Which is why you need to contact an Indiana DUI attorney.