How Can a Lawyer Help with a DUI Arrest?

Ask an Indiana Criminal Lawyer

Driving under influence (DUI) is a criminal offense in every state. For this reason, if caught you will have your case handled in a criminal court. You have a right to be heard and defend yourself in a criminal court.

However, you have the right to hire a private lawyer or the court will provide you with a public defender. Being a serious offense, you need to get someone who has prior knowledge of these cases to help you out. DUI could lead to you being fired from your job or even serving a jail sentence.

It is hard for a person who does not have the training or the legal knowledge to ascertain the strength or weaknesses of a DUI case. DUI cases are complex, dynamic, and they keep changing from time to time. It means every case is unique and will have to be handled differently.

So, getting an attorney who has experience in this area will come in handy. Most of the lawyers will offer you a free consultation. However, even if you pay some fee it will be money well spent. When visiting the attorney, you should carry all the case documents and police reports.

Here are some of the reasons you need to hire an attorney to help you tackle the case.

DUI Options

An Attorney Will Give You Other Options

Having a professional who has experience in such cases will give you an advantage and offer you the best options that would help reduce your sentence. Without an attorney, it is hard to know the available options.

The alternatives may be what you need to avoid jail time. Additionally, an attorney will work out a formula with the judge and make you get a lesser sentence. Having a quicker settlement of the case will make you save money in the long run and reduce the severity of the charges.

Knowledge of DUI Laws - lawyers desk with gavel and glasses

Knowledge Of DUI Laws

A DUI lawyer knows all the requirements, standards, and rules that are used in DUI cases. Knowing the law means they can navigate through the case finding a solution that will help reduce your sentences.

He will answer all your questions and help you to avoid jail and help you through interrogation. The attorney will offer you the advice you need to get the best outcome from your case.

Detailed Scrutiny Of The Case

A lawyer is better placed to scrutinize the charge sheet and understand the case better. After reviewing the charges, a lawyer will know the best way to handle it. A lawyer will push the court to do a reexamination if there are doubts to get the accurate results.

If the arresting officer did not act reasonably a lawyer will be able to challenge the court to drop the charges. Many people are arrested of DUI every year they are released or have their charges reduced because of the help of lawyers.

Avoid A Criminal Record

Hiring a lawyer can help you a great deal in avoiding getting a criminal record that will end up ruining your professional life. A drunk driving record will be in your files for up to 6 years. The record will make it difficult for you to find a job.

All states consider drunk driving a criminal offense and many companies filter information of anyone who has a criminal record.

Identify Loopholes In The Case

A DUI lawyer will easily identify loopholes in your case and help you with getting it thrown out. An example is police using illegal practices during interrogation. The case will be thrown out on a technicality.

Driving under influence is a criminal case that will have negative consequences on your record which will affect you if convicted. Do not go to court without the best defense to help you navigate the case.