What Is an Expungement?


If you have a criminal record, you may have heard of some sort of way to “clear up” the traces of your criminal background. That process is called an expungement. But, what is an expungement? An expungement proceeding is a type of lawsuit in which a convicted individual of a criminal conviction seeks that the records of their criminal conviction be sealed. The process of an expungement often makes the convicted individuals criminal records unavailable through the state or Federal repositories. If you are interested in getting an expungement in Indianapolis, speak with an Indiana expungement lawyer at (317) 458-9911 today.

What Is An Expungement In Indiana?

In Indiana expungement law, most misdemeanor convictions can  be expunged. It is the law that states that you must wait five years after the date of your conviction to petition for a misdemeanor expungement. Further, you must have no other pending charges, and you must have completed your sentence for the crime.


An Expungement In Indiana

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FAQ’s About Indiana Expungement

Q: How long does an expungement take in Indiana?

A: In the State of Indiana, in 2020, the average estimated time period to complete an expungement is at five months. It is a fact, however, that some expungements will be completed in a shorter period of time.

Q: Why do some Indiana expungements take longer than others?

A: There are some items that need to be resolved in order for an expungement to be completed include, the circumstances of your case, the time period since the conviction, more quickly and some will take longer, the facts of the case, and if there are any objections that need to be addressed with the Prosecutor.

Q: Does an Indiana expungement show up on a background check?

A: After an expungement is completed in Indiana, your criminal record history will not show up on a background record check

Q: After your record is expunged, do you need to put your criminal history on a job or rental application?

A: After your criminal record has been expunged, you are completely allowed to answer “no” when asked about a criminal record history on your employment or a rental application.

Q: Can an arrest be expunged in Indiana?

A: Any arrest that do not lead to a conviction can be expunged in Indiana.

Q: If I am arrested, do I have to disclose my criminal record?

A: Because your record has been expunged, you have the ability to deny any prior criminal activity, though the police will be able to see your expunged your criminal record.