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Domestic violence is a serious matter in Indiana. If you have been accused of any type of domestic abuse in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas, your first priority should be to seek the help of a qualified criminal defense lawyer. You will need to ensure that your side of the story is represented in court and that your voice is heard. These types of charges are often based on misrepresentation, exaggerations, and even falsehoods. Failing to challenge them can lead to severe repercussions.

With the Law Office of B.D. Williams in your corner, you will have a dedicated and aggressive advocate who thoroughly understands domestic violence issues. Our attorney has personal knowledge of this matter through his own background and understands the emotional as well as the legal aspects. Attorney Williams also has devoted much of his practice to domestic violence cases and so has valuable and extensive experience in fighting for defendants accused of these crimes. 

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Domestic Violence in Indiana 

In Indiana, the term domestic violence is a general label that often refers to domestic battery but can include other crimes as well such as stalking, harassment, kidnapping, criminal trespass, invasion of privacy, or even homicide. 

These are crimes committed against a family or household member such as:

  • A current or former spouse
  • A current or former dating partner or sexual partner
  • Someone with whom you share a child
  • A person related to you by marriage, by blood, or through adoption

These crimes can also be committed against foster parents, guardians, and wards of guardians. 

Domestic battery is defined as knowingly or intentionally making contact with the alleged victim in a rude or angry manner or placing bodily fluid or waste on the alleged victim also in a rude or angry manner. It can be charged at the misdemeanor or felony level, depending on the circumstances. 

In a first offense, it is generally charged as a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $5,000. However, your sentence may be suspended and you may be granted probation. In more serious cases, domestic battery can be charged as either a Level 6 or Level 5 felony. This can occur in cases involving prior convictions, serious bodily injury, deadly weapons, and other aggravating conditions. These types of felonies carry prison terms ranging from six months up to six years and fines of up to $10,000. Other penalties can include domestic violence counseling or programs as well as negative immigration consequences for noncitizens.

Protective Orders

One of the consequences of a domestic violence charge can be a protective order (also known as a restraining order) issued against you by the court. These orders can restrict any contact with your accuser, order you to vacate the family residence, restrict or deny access to your children, and prohibit or order any other conditions the court deems appropriate. 

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Domestic violence charges can be a life-changer with the end result of having a criminal record. You need to fight back with a strong defense. Our firm understands how important our work can be to your life, your freedom, and your future. You can depend on a proven defender in Attorney Williams who is backed by decades of experience both inside the courtroom at trial and outside the courtroom in negotiating with prosecutors. Let us use that experience to help you pursue a favorable result.

Brian D. Williams
As a Chicago-area criminal defense attorney, Brian personally handled numerous criminal cases including felony drug and weapon cases as well as misdemeanor traffic, drug, and weapon cases. Afterward, Brian returned to Indianapolis, took and passed the Indiana Bar examination, and was admitted to the Indiana Bar.
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Arrests and criminal charges are among the greatest challenges you will ever face. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, you are likely experiencing stress, confusion, and uncertainty. You may not know where to turn, what your charges mean, and how they will affect you. Your reputation, your job or career, your future, and your freedom may all be at stake. 

At the Law Office of B.D. Williams, we understand the duress of criminal charges and being thrown into a system you may not fully understand. Our mission is to help you at this critical time, to provide the legal support you need, to advise and counsel you on your rights and options, and to see that you are treated fairly throughout the legal process. The State of Indiana has harsh criminal laws and the penalties for a criminal conviction can be quite severe. Even if the charge is relatively minor, you will want to know that your attorney brings competence and commitment to the fight. 

When you retain our services, you can have confidence knowing that our Indianapolis defender has substantial trial experience. Whether you are facing a minor misdemeanor or a more serious felony, your case will be handled with diligence and dedication. 

Our Criminal Defense Legal Services

The Law Office of B.D. Williams handles a wide range of criminal law matters, as seen below.  It is important to know that all crimes, including both felonies and misdemeanors, must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a tough standard to meet which often gives you the opportunity to fight back with evidence that may cast doubt on the state‚Äôs case. However, not every potential strategy may be obvious to someone who is not experienced in defending cases.

As your criminal defender, our attorney possesses the knowledge, experience, and tenacity to investigate your case in detail and explore all of your options. It is also important to remember to seek legal representation as soon as you realize that you are being investigated. In some instances, hiring a criminal defense attorney early in the process can affect whether a prosecutor pursues criminal charges at all.

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