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Murder Laws and Penalties in Indiana

At the Law Office of B.D. Williams, you can rely on an Indianapolis murder defense attorney with two decades of experience who has been recognized nationally by The National Trial Lawyers as a Top 100 trial attorney. Our attorney is often hired by other lawyers in serious cases such as murder. 

You are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. We are here to help you fight any false accusations, to uncover flaws and weaknesses in the state’s evidence as well as in police procedure and investigations, and to carefully develop a defense strategy that may put guilt in doubt. Our mission is to tenaciously protect your rights, your fair treatment throughout the legal process, and to pursue your best possible outcome.

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Indiana Murder Laws

Murder in Indiana is defined as the following:

  • Killing another person intentionally
  • Killing a viable fetus intentionally
  • Killing another during the commission or attempted commission of arson, kidnapping, burglary, rape, child molestation, robbery, consumer product tampering, human trafficking, criminal deviate conduct, sex trafficking of a minor, or carjacking
  • Killing another during the commission or attempted commission of dealing in or manufacturing methamphetamine, cocaine, or other controlled substances

The penalties for murder include 45 to 65 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000, life imprisonment without parole, and the death penalty (for those over the age of 18). Sentencing in a murder conviction will depend on the facts and circumstances of the case. Aggravating circumstances can result in stiffer penalties, such as previous murder convictions, acting as a hired assassin, using an explosive device, killing a child under 12, and more. Mitigating circumstances can result in a less severe sentence. These can include having no criminal history, acting under extreme emotional disturbance or under the control of another, and more. 

Indiana Legal Defenses to Murder

Criminal homicides, also known as murders, have been rising across the city of Indianapolis as well as the rest of the U.S. As a result, law enforcement and state prosecutors have become more aggressive in investigating, arresting, and prosecuting alleged defendants. Being accused of murder is one of the most serious situations anyone will ever face. It is a terrifying prospect that has life-changing consequences. If you or someone you love has been accused of murder in Indiana, your choice of a Indianapolis murder defense lawyer is a crucial decision that can have a dramatic impact on your future.

Many defenses can be used against murder charges based on the specifics of your case. However, you will need a strong defender who has substantial trial experience. Due to the serious consequences you could be facing, it's time to trust your freedom and future to our Indianapolis murder defense attorney!

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Murder is the most serious criminal charge in the United States. A conviction can potentially result in life imprisonment without the possibility of parole or even the death penalty. Due to these possible consequences, it is in your best interest to defend yourself with the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer

Our Indianapolis murder defense lawyer at the Law Office of B.D. Williams can investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and alleged offense, analyze the evidence obtained by law enforcement officials, bring in experts to better understand the complexities of your case, negotiate with the prosecution, and help you get the most favorable result in your case. We will do whatever it takes to protect your rights, reputation, and freedom.

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