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Brian D. Williams

Brian D. Williams is the managing attorney for the Law Office of B.D. Williams, Esq. Brian was born in the housing projects of Fort Wayne, Indiana, to a single, teenage mother. Brian was exposed to domestic violence at a young age, encountering law enforcement at the age of three when his mother was battered by his father. Brian’s mother escaped the abuse, continued forward with her education, and became the biggest single inspirational source in Brian’s life, teaching him the value of hard work and dedication. Brian saw his mother’s struggles and learned. She taught her son to never stop fighting and to never quit. Later, Brian too became a teenage father. Brian, now a teenage father, worked through high school, played two sports, and maintained academic excellence. Brian then went to Ball State University, where he initially walked on to the football team but quickly earned a scholarship, playing all four years and being a contributing member on two championships, bowl teams. While at Ball State Brian was first pre-med but shifted his studies to the psychological sciences. After Ball State, Brian attended graduate school before encountering the police on a side street where he was beaten with clubs and pepper-sprayed. At that time, Brian knew that he needed to go to law school to make a difference. Brian applied to and was admitted to the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, IL where he honed his trial advocacy skills through the guidance and direction of top Chicago prosecutors. Brian graduated from the John Marshall Law School after only 2.5 years (Class Rank: No. 1), with honors, and was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 2002. Thereafter, Brian practiced civil litigation at a well-respected Chicago firm before entering private practice. As a private practitioner, Brian worked with top litigation firms on behalf of corporate clients. Brian also worked with Frederick F. Cohn one of Chicago’s most well-known criminal defense attorneys. As a Chicago-area criminal defense attorney, Brian personally handled numerous criminal cases including felony drug and weapon cases as well as misdemeanor traffic, drug, and weapon cases. Afterward, Brian returned to Indianapolis, took and passed the Indiana Bar examination, and was admitted to the Indiana Bar. Brian continues to practice in Indiana with the same tenacity, drive, and determination that he saw in his mother, and later incorporated into his adult life. Brian practices primarily criminal defense, where he fights for his clients. Brian prides himself on never being a prosecutor. Brian has also maintained his commitment to those that find themselves battling for their lives and their freedom.

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