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Being suspected of any crime can be a scary experience. Many thoughts flood your mind. You worry about the immediate and long-term consequences of your arrest. You have a good reason for concern. Without the backing of a strong defense lawyer, you can be lost in the criminal justice system. 

If you are arrested, call the Law Office of B.D. Williams as soon as possible. Recognized by The National Trial Lawyers as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer, Attorney Williams is considered a premier trial lawyer in Indiana. He will be your fierce legal advocate, fighting for your future.

Our firm focuses entirely on criminal defense. 

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Consequences of Criminal Convictions in Tippecanoe County

A jail or prison sentence and fines are two of the most severe consequences of a criminal conviction, but they are not the only ones. 

Additional consequences of being convicted of a crime include the following:

  • You will have a criminal record.
  • Your reputation is damaged.
  • Your important relationship can be irreparably harmed. 
  • Your ability to find work is impaired.
  • You can lose college scholarships.
  • Your professional licenses can be revoked.
  • You can be limited in housing options.
  • You can be denied admission to college.

All of these consequences add up to the need for reputable defense counsel. At the Law Office of B.D. Williams, we put the insight and know-how of more than two decades of experience into every case we take. 

If you are arrested in Tippecanoe County, do not talk to the police. Call (317) 458-9911. We are available 24/7. 

Our defense experience spans a wide range of criminal offenses.

Driving and Traffic Offenses

From getting to work or to the grocery store, most Hoosiers depend on their ability to drive. If you get labeled a habitual traffic offender, you can lose your driving privileges for a set period of time. This potential penalty comes into play if you have multiple judgments within 10 years. 

Reckless driving is one of those judgments. Reckless driving includes the following:

  • Driving too slow or too fast for road conditions.  
  • Weaving in and out of traffic.
  • Failing to give proper distance to a passing vehicle.
  • Passing a stopped school bus with its arm signal device extended.

Reckless driving in Tippecanoe County is typically a Class C misdemeanor. The level of charge escalates quickly when there is property damage or injury. 

There are several potential defenses to reckless driving and other traffic charges. Don’t underestimate how these charges can affect your life. Call us right away to build your defense strategy. 

DUI/OWI and Marijuana Charges

DUI and OWI are among the most common criminal charges in the U.S. In 2020, there were more than 35,000 arrests for OWI offenses in Indiana. Almost 10% of those arrested had a prior conviction, and nearly 9,000 licenses were suspended. Indiana law calls the offense Operating While Intoxicated

Many of our neighboring states have legalized recreational or medical marijuana. In Indiana, the drug is still illegal in all circumstances. Simple possession is typically a misdemeanor but once the amount of drug surpasses a certain threshold, you could face trafficking charges potentially resulting in extensive time behind bars and thousands of dollars in fines.

If you are arrested on suspicion of OWI or drug charges, your first call should be to our firm. We will get to work right away, analyzing every detail of the arrest. Our goal is to keep you out of jail and safeguard your driving privileges.

Domestic Violence

Law enforcement can place an alleged aggressor under arrest if the officer believes they have probable cause that domestic battery or another related domestic violence crime has occurred. Officers typically err on the side of caution, making an arrest in many situations. 

Not only can the supposed abuser be charged criminally, but they are also subject to civil restraining orders as well. The restraining order can prohibit them from contacting the other party as well as children and even pets. 

Domestic violence crimes can take away your freedom, your employment, your home, and your children. With Attorney Williams in your corner, you can trust that he is turning over every stone to weaken the prosecution’s case and bolster the possibility that the charges will be dropped. 

Homicide and Murder

Being accused of taking someone’s life is the most serious criminal charge you can face. A conviction on premeditated murder can mean a death sentence. 

Criminal homicide includes murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, reckless homicide, and assisting suicide. Intent and the circumstances can determine whether someone is charged with a murder or manslaughter charge. 

Voluntary manslaughter might apply if someone overreacts while defending themselves or kills someone in the heat of passion (such as discovering a cheating spouse). Involuntary manslaughter is a death that is caused by an accident. 

Depending on the type of homicide charge, penalties range from 1 year in prison to the death penalty. Fines reach up to $10,000. 

Call the Law Office of B.D. Williams for an aggressive defense.

Probation Violations

Probation is imposed by the court as an alternative to jail or prison. Probation is far better than spending your time behind bars, but certain conditions must be met. 

Common requirements of probation include the following:

  • Reporting monthly to a probation officer
  • Community service
  • Curfew
  • Paying court costs and restitution
  • Mental health counseling
  • Drug treatment
  • Not associated with any other convicted felon
  • Commit no new crimes

Violating any condition set forth in your sentence can land you in jail. 

Strategic Criminal Defense Services in Tippecanoe County

We defend a wide variety of criminal offenses from misdemeanors to violent felonies. State, federal, and juvenile crimes require an attorney who fully understands the various laws and how they apply to clients. Attorney Williams has that knowledge. His skills for preparation, negotiation, and trial presentation are second to none.

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